Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to my She-Shed

There is a 60' x 40' "Manshed" in my backyard. It houses a workbench, weightlifting apparatus, a fullsize batting cage, refrigerator, and numerous pedal vehicles. I simply wished for a space, regardless of size, to which I could retire and create in relative peace. Luckily, my little ones decided they'd rather room together than apart, and the nursery was up for grabs! Sooooo, despite much ridiculous fussing from a certain master of the Manshed, this momma has her own SHE-SHED!! :)

View when you walk in. The chair pulls out into a twin, so we've multi-purposed this for the occasional guest. Only stampers are allowed to stay here. HA!To the right is where I HIDE all of my crafting goodies. All the nifty little tidbits I pick up at thrift stores, Goodwill, Target's dollar spot, etc. How sad is it that each container is already full?!
My desk, now cleared of all those silly punched out hearts, was my childhood dressing table (minus the 3 mirrors from the top). It belonged to my grandma - not exactly the largest space to work on, but I like the tie to past and family. I store my stamps in a spinning media cabinet I found at a garage sale! Small punches are on magnetic curtain rods on the filing cabinet. Notice the clock...for Christmas dear hubby decided I needed to know what early/late hours I'm keeping. :)
I like that I can pull the curtains to camouflage my supply closet!
And there ya have it. I'm always curious as to how others happy up their you know where I'm coming from, too! Here's to your She-Shed's my friends - past, present, and future!


Julie Davison said...

It looks FABULOUS!! And I bet it feels great having everything clean and organized. I want to come and sleepover now. Though I have a feeling we wouldn't get much sleep cuz we'd be stamping till the wee hours....

Anonymous said...

It does look great! Now that we've added 2 hours of travel each day, I find it hard to get my daily work at home done, then find myself always catching up on the weekends, all of which leaves so very little time in my craft room. So, no, I haven't hung the ladder yet. Overall, something in my room is off, and I can't quite decide what yet. I just need some time to "live" and work in there and see what to do. Vivian

Cindy Malone said...

Very Nice Jessica!!!
I like what you have done to this
room. It's very cozy. I kept checking your blog and no new post, now I know why :-)

Tara Kieninger said...

Lovely, just lovely. I'm anxious to revamp my she-shed too. I was lucky to be gifted some nearly-new cabinets for free - just need to get hubby to hang them! Oh, and I've got to decide what color to repaint.

Stacey Schafer said...

very inspiring, jess:0) sure wish my she-shed looked that neat and organized!