Sunday, May 31, 2009


One word to sum up the past couple of months -- EVENTFUL! Check out my top 3 favs...
1. 8 fantastic women joined my stamping team. We're currently debating the best choice of names for my growing group. Any and all suggestions welcome! Oh, and btw, there's always room for more!
2. Celebrated the March, April, May birthdays of My Three Sons. Hmmm, wasn't that once a tv title??
3. Stamped with a WIDE range of characters, ranging from 3 to 83! And one inebriated fellow as well! The story? Stayed late after one of our upline meetings and this cheery fellow wandered in to the back room of the pizza/bar where we had gathered. He eagerly handed over a couple of bucks, cranked the Big Shot around a few times, and left proudly carrying his creation...

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