Sunday, May 31, 2009


For almost a year now, I've been contemplating how to put together a fundraiser idea for our local zoo. Finally confident with my proposal, I threw together a mini-portfolio of some designs I thought would go well with the zoo's current programs. Long story short...they loved it! In October I'll be helping nearly 3,000 kiddos make greeting cards! YIKES!! Not only that, but I've also been asked to design invitations and favors for the birthday parties held at the zoo, make bookmarks/cards to sell in the gift shop, AND design/provide craft kits for various educational programs throughout the year. Definitely ZOORIFIC!!
Here's a peek at the samples I took in to share...keep in mind they were all designed with children recreating them as the projected goal.

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Julie Davison said...

Love them all! It's great to see you back! With a bang! A record number of posts today! I LOVE the new banner image too!