Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Happens

Hello Readers,

There has been much silence from the desk of this blogger these past months. Life happens, so they say, and it feels like it just keeps "happening" in more ways than one! If I may, here is a brief update...

In January I accepted the position of Youth Programs Coordinator for Lincoln Land Community College. What followed were a whirlwind six months of preparation and planning for the big summer event, College For Kids. That "part-time" job, well, ahem, let's just say didn't feel so part-timish when you take into consideration that I still had 3 and 5 year old little boys at the home office!

This summer my husband had knee surgery - translation: my next job as nursemaid and caretaker... for a much larger version of my other little boys. Sigh. Just where do our menfolk get that "woe, poor is me" mentality, anyway?

Moving my own stint on crutches with a sprained ankle sustained in a berry-picking accident. Yes, I stepped in a deep, deep hole a mere 2 days before leaving for my women-only Stampin' Up! Convention escape to Salt Lake City, Utah. But you know, I learned that traveling while injured brings one in contact with a lot of helpful people. And navigating an airport while being whisked along by a professional wheelchair driver can be quite exciting!

Now, as summer draws to a close, I am almost over my bout with strep (yuck!) and trying desparately to recover from sending my dear Marshall off to school for the very first time.
My stepson recently began his senior year in high school, and my oldest LITTLE one started kindergarten the same day. Yikes! It most likely goes without saying that this mommy is going through yet another period of adjustment. Not to mention little Lance who is lost without his usual playmate and just can't understand why Mommy doesn't get as excited about playing with LEGOS... ALL DAY LONG.

I am not complaining, gentle readers, simply reminiscing and making rather lame excuses for my complete lack of blogging presence, physical and mental! I confess that my focus has been quite scattered as of late, and can only make a vow to try to continue to improve. I appreciate any words of wisdom, both in regards to stamping and life experiences, and look forward to sharing with you in the months to come.

LIFE HAPPENS, in whichever way, shape, or form it chooses. We're just along for the ride!

Thanks for continuing to ride along with me.



Julie Davison said...

Thomas is off to school today for his first day. And poor Claire seems a little lost without him here to play...we'll fall into a new routine soon.

Love the pic of the boys...especially because I know they are naked and that makes me giggle. Those cute little country boys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're back!! Vivian

Cindy Malone said...

Wow Jessica, what a summer. Where did you find the time to breath? LOL! Good to see you back in action. Maybe posting once a week would be helpful and less stressful with your busy household.
Hope to see you soon :-)